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Get the best training that fits your needs and will be the guide to A Better You.
Stress & Anxiety Relief courses  
7 Days To A Stress-Free Life 
The training in 7 Days To A Stress-Free Life will show you how to become mentally and physically strong.
The exercises are simple and will free your mind from the congregation of negative thoughts and emotions, so you can get new insight and fresh energy and bring more happiness to your family and to your work.

You will learn new ways to increase and engage the power of your awareness and develop more control over situations that used to make you feel stressed and anxious.

You will learn how to deal with stressful events and situations without the stress affecting your heart or your immune system. 
Price: $197
Price: $97.00
The Gift of Instant Relaxation
This Gives You An Instant Boost To Your Mood That Will Break The Shackles Of Stress From Your Body And Mind
This comprehensive video training will help you effortlessly gain almost supernatural powers over stress.

You'll instantly understand why you've been struggling to cope with stressful situations. And you'll automatically feel a drastic rise in your happiness levels within the first 60 seconds.
The Gift of Relaxation
Will give you the most advanced physiological tricks based on research, that you can use right away to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and insomnia and boost your brain power so you can live the life you want. 
This course provides instruction in four-stage breathing, an exercise designed to activate the diaphragm, enhance awareness of the distinction between diaphragmatic and intercostal breathing, and provide a strategy you can use to enhance your control over the stress response.

You'll start out practicing when you're calm and relaxed, then use it in gradually more difficult situations, until you can practice in the middle of that challenging business meeting - and no one will be the wiser.
Price: $21.00
Price: $40.00 
How To Be Successful Even In Stressful Times 
Learn how to rise above the obstacles and difficulties that are holding you back. 
This course is not so much about knowledge. It is about helping you and guiding you to take the correct actions that will put you on the fast track to a highly successful career.  

You will receive audio training that will help you to strengthen your physiology and you will be able to watch the videos on your laptop or your phone whenever you like.

This is an engaging transformational boot camp. It's a course designed to give you benefits that will last a lifetime.
Dr. Nedd's Academy for Total Success  
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Personal Coaching 
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Happiness Course 
The Happiness Generator
A lively engaging lecture on the latest information and emotional skill for achieving happiness
1. A 7-day Happiness Course delivered in 7 separate videos to dramatically raise your daily happiness as you introduce these skills into your life. 

2. An audio training showing you how to create physiological harmony and joy in your body.

3. A video Action plan for turning stressful moments into happy moments. 

4. A Happiness test that you can retake to measure your progress.

5. My new E-Book, “How to Cultivate the Habit of Happiness in Everyday Life"
Price: $97
relationship Courses 
Price: $47.00
How To Heal A Broken Heart
In 11 Days Or Less
4 Simple Steps That You Can Implement Today... without the pain of rebound relationships, venting to friends or burning a bridge with your future.
In this program you will discover:
1. How to uncover the grandeur and greatness that is buried beneath all the sorry and pain.
2. How to re-train your brain for great success which you would not likely have found in your relationship.
3. How to use a simple sentence to remove the stress standing in your way.
4. Advanced creative tips to go from where you are to a new and exciting life.
5. Fast ways to become a new and exciting person.
6. How to make your ex regret that they ever let go of such a wonderful and successful partner. 
How To Create Superior Love Relationships 
Re-kindle The Spark And Experience The Love You So Deeply Desire
A results-oriented system that will help you find and create lasting passion. In this program, you will discover the most powerful techniques to change your love relationship forever. 

The most desirable features in a passionate love relationship
 ☑️ How to boost your self-esteem as a partner
 ☑️ How to bring out the best in your partner
 ☑️ How To build relationships that will last
 ☑️ The psychology of listening
 ☑️ How to use happiness as a tool to improve your health and your relationships
Price: $39.00 
Sleep Course
Price: $97
Neurological Sleep Solution 
If you have problems sleeping and want a new, scientific system to beat insomnia
This program was crafted with the utmost care, using only the best and latest scientifically-valid techniques and exercises available.

Use these techniques and exercises diligently, and in a short time, your brain and your physiology will change, and you will begin to relax more and fall asleep more easily.
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