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are you looking to eliminate the impact of stress on your health and career but have no idea where to start?

Dear Friend, 

Imagine having a Medical Doctor with 35 years' experience in the field of stress with a team of world-class specialists from leading University Centres all over the world, devoted to watching your back as your rocket your way to success.

Would you not feel safer and healthier and accomplish more with the best information and practical techniques at every step for living a long and happy life?

The road to success is riddled with obstacles and difficulties which cause tremendous stress.

The stress does not only impede your performance and make you frazzled and unattractive but it sends dangerous impulses to  your heart and weakens the chemistry of  your immune system.

And no amount of success in your work or your finances can make up for failure in your health or even in your home.

My name is Dr. Ken Nedd. I have seen how stress impacts the health and lives of thousands of people as they strive for success.

Prime ministers, mayors, CEOs and leaders all over the world have hired me to help them stay away from the edge of sickness, stress and emotional disasters as they try to impact the world. 

I would like to teach you the latest and best techniques that you can adopt right away to in an effort to eliminate stress and live a happy life.

My methods are simple and I help you practice them until they become automatic....

and I can do this right in the privacy of your own home or office with ironclad confidentiality.

In a short time you will learn how to face any hardship and adversity without becoming stressed.

 and I will show you how to eliminate anxiety and overwhelm from your daily life.

The new scientific techniques we teach you will become second nature to you in a short while.

Would you like to:

- Improve your health

- Reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer  

- Enrich your relationship and make a breakup impossible

- Create synergy between work and home

- Increase your energy and feeling of well being 

- Generate more happy feelings in you and around you and  

- Avoid the heavy cargo of painful regrets that millions of people just like you have to carry around with them day after day?

As your personal consultant I will help you achieve and sustain excellence in your career as I  show the best strategies you can use to help you live a happy, long, prosperous and impactful life with little or no regrets.
I will use the best information and techniques on the planet to ensure that at ever step of the way, your health, your relationships and well being are excellent, even if you are busy in your career.

Imagine being able to pursue your career without worry or stress knowing that you have an expert looking over your shoulder completely devoted to your success in all areas of life.

NeuroPhysiological Training

I will train you in absolute confidentiality to eliminate stress, anxiety, overwhelm, insomnia and emotional distress.

I will be devoted to help steer you as far away as possible from the risks of illness or any event or situation that would be likely to derail your success as your campaign manager.

It would be my job to anticipate the pitfalls and potholes and help you deal with them in advance so you can avoid the bitter regrets that many of your colleagues will have to face.

You will be up to date with the latest techniques for lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer, and the advice you get will be individualized to you and you alone.

I have trained Prime Ministers in total confidence and you will get the same level of intensive confidential coaching.

You will learn the art of self-regulation and how to shift physiological gears and put yourself in an ideal performance state for different activities, without stress.

You will discover new ways to change your brain to deal successfully with crises, adversity or hardship.

You will pursue your goals in peace with a soaring sense of possibility, knowing that an expert with the best scientific tools and techniques available, plus decades of experience, is dedicated to making your individual life and your relationships happy and successful.

I am sure you are too busy with your professional activities to stop, study, identify, learn and internalize the best and latest techniques to improve your health, your neurophysiological state, your work performance, your emotional competence and your relationships.

You will have a personalized system designed specifically for you and you alone, to protect your health, relationships and personal happiness from the predicaments that derail others high level executives and professionals.

You will learn how to boost your brain power on the spot, raise your emotional IQ and keep your psychophysiological system free from the ravages of anxiety and stress even when the pressure rises.

You will have the opportunity to learn from the best experts, how to sleep soundly every night and wake up feeling like a giant every morning, even in times of extreme pressure.

Even More Benefits

I have devoted over 35 years of my life as a medical doctor helping people all over the world, including leaders in different countries, to master anxiety and stress, and to grow in their careers. 

You will benefit from all this experience.

In your private sessions with me you will learn how to use your brain in new ways and how to cultivate the habit of happiness in your daily life so you can become a more attractive personality at home and in your social interactions.

You will not only get the benefits of my training but you will be exposed to interviews with world class specialists from major centres around the world.

Fill out the form below and get the best scientific training to achieve high level total success without stress.

Please fill out the form now.

As a private client, you will discover how to:
 Become a very happy person. 
 Achieve and maintain perfect health, high energy and harmony in your body and mind. 
 Lose excess weight and keep it off forever
 Get personalized guidance for excellence in health and relationships
 Know what physical and mental challenges are likely to strike and how to deal with them in advance.                    
 Lower the risk of heart attack, cancer, stroke or memory loss.
 Create harmony and synergy in your life as you juggle work and home
 Heal your broken heart if you have been recently dumped.
 Use your brain in new ways to achieve the kind of life you really dream about.
 Accelerate the achievement of your financial and career goals  with neurophysiological training.
 Learn what specific techniques are known  for preventing diseases that are likely to strike.
 Raise the level of your emotional competence and generate positive feeling of joy even in tough times.
 Shed feelings of anger, jealousy, fear, guilt, hopelessness when they appear.
 Access the power within you to treat anxiety and depression by natural means.
 Become calm and relaxed in the midst of all that comes and goes, in seconds.
 Practice what to do in order to look, feel, and function as a much younger version of yourself with greater energy.
 Stress-proof your relationship and your job
 Get help if your relationship is in turmoil or if you are going through a divorce. 

The cost for my Exclusive Comprehensive Coaching will be insignificant compared to the benefits that it will bring to your life.

However, I don’t want you to pay me a dime until you and I are both 100% certain this is the best thing for you to do right now.

And there’s no way either one of us can really know that, unless we talk and get to know each other.

So if you’re interested, let’s set up a time to talk.

If your relationship is in jeopardy,

If you are working hard but getting nowhere,

If you want to protect your health and reduce stress,

If you are not happy and excited about your life,

If you are making money but feel unfulfilled,

Or if you just want a system that will help you live an amazing life,

Apply to work with me, Ken Nedd, M.D. 

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to determine if any of our coaching programs is a good fit for you.
Dr. Ken Nedd only accepts 7 individuals at a time for Elite Comprehensive, one on one Coaching.
* Please be prepared to share your challenges and your desired outcome in our upcoming conversation, and note that this is a private no-obligation call.
Dr. Ken Nedd is a medical doctor who has changed the lives of thousands of individuals all over the world. 

He is the author of the best selling books, Power Over Stress and The Time To Be Happy Is Now

He has coached Prime Ministers and is ready to give you the exact same level of private intensive confidential training so you can sustain excellence in your health, relationships, career, finances and personal happiness.
What People Say...
“It's fun! “
“I like that he is a Medical Doctor.”
“Dr. Nedd changed my Life”
“Life-changing! I can’t recommend him highly enough”
"Dr. Ken Can Inspire You To
Become A Happier person..."
"I Recommend You Buy Any
Product That Dr Nedd Creates..."
"He has changed my life. He is an inspiration and world changer. His workshop was exactly what I needed to make a change in my life." Erin See
"Dr. Nedd is very positive and cheerful, with a great sense of humour." Opal Blair
"I liked the medical based evidence of stress! And practicing the exercises and repeating what we have learned so we don't forget." Nathan Jones
"The entire presentation was helpful and interesting. I will be using Dr. Nedd's methods and reading all his books" Katrina Gormely
What Companies Say...
" Dr. Nedd is a class act."
"Best motivational talk I have ever heard especially for energy, emotion and content."
"Dr. Nedd's ability to deliver an inspiring and useful message brought him a standing ovation from the entire audience. I highly recommend him"
"An incredible ability to keep all attendees completely enthralled."
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